At the moment, the acceptance and payment of hryvnia by VISA does not work, the acceptance and payment is only by Mastercard


This operation takes place in AUTOMATIC mode and takes up to 30 minutes .

    • To exchange, you must have a passport of at least Formal
    Exchange rate: 26959.90665 USD = 1 BTC

    max.: 0 USD

    max.: 0 USD
    Including payment systеm fees Webmoney (50 USD)
    With fees*:

    Example: Z293459362945


    max.: 0 BTC

    max.: 0 BTC
    Including add. service fee (0.005 BTC)
    With fees*:

    Example: bc1q6xagutg8g0hqz6mpa3eh6a2zv8effaya35rf8d

    Personal data

    Enter your surname as in passport

    Enter your name as in passport

    Enter your real e-mail (All details are changed only by e-mail)

    Exchange WebMoney (Usd) To Bitcoin (Btc)

    For exchange you need to follow a few steps:

    1. Fill in all the fields of the form submitted. Click «Exchange».
    2. Read the terms of the agreement on exchange services, when accepting it, please tick the appropriate field and press the button «Create order».
    3. Pay for the order. To do this, transfer the necessary amount, following the instructions on our website.
    4. After this is done, the systеm will redirect you to the «Order status» page, where the status of your transferwill be shown.